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Anti Corruption Commission Anti Corruption Commission 64 Chachacha Road, Lusaka Tel:(+260) 021 1237914
Auditor’s General OfficeAuditor’s General OfficeStand No. 7951 Haile selassie avenue, Long Acres, Lusaka Zambia Tel:+260 211 252772 Email:auditorg@ago.gov.zm http://www.ago.gov.zm, http://www.ago.gov.zm
Bank of ZambiaBank of ZambiaHead Office, Bank Square, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia Tel:(+260) 211 228888 Email:pr@boz.zm http://www.boz.zm/, http://www.boz.zm/
Citizens Economic Empowerment (CEEC)Citizens Economic Empowerment (CEEC)Long Acres, Lusaka. Tel:(+260) 211 252 150 Email:info@ceec.org.zm http://www.ceec.org.zm, http://www.ceec.org.zm
Central Statistical OfficeCentral Statistical OfficeNationalist Rd, Opposite University Teaching Hospital Tel:(+260) 211 251377 Email:info@zamstats.gov.zm http://www.zamstats.gov.zm, http://www.zamstats.gov.zm
Electoral Commission of Zambia Electoral Commission of Zambia Elections House, Haile Selassie Avenue, Longacres, Lusaka Zambia Tel:(+260) 021 1253155 https://www.elections.org.zm, https://www.elections.org.zm
Zambia Tourism Board Zambia Tourism Board Plot 35991 Thabo Mbeki Rd, Lusaka,Zambia Tel:(+260) 21 122 9087 https://www.zambiatourism.com/, https://www.zambiatourism.com/
Zambia Revenue AuthorityZambia Revenue AuthorityKalambo Rd, P.O Box 35710,Lusaka Tel:(+260) 211 381111 Email:advice@zra.org.zm https://www.zra.org.zm/, https://www.zra.org.zm/
Zambia International Trade Fair Zambia International Trade Fair Plot 2735 Liberia Road Show grounds, P.O. Box 71058, Ndola, Zambia. Tel:(+260) 212 651514/5 https://www.zitf.org.zm/, https://www.zitf.org.zm/
Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations Bluegum Walk, Showgrounds, P.O Box 32932, Lusaka Zambia Tel:(+260)-21-125-3372 http://www.zcsmba.org/, http://www.zcsmba.org/
Zambia Agriculture Commodities Exchange (ZAMACE)Zambia Agriculture Commodities Exchange (ZAMACE)Plot 26592 REM Kafue Road,Lusaka Zambia Tel:(+260) 960 432 266 Email:info@zamace.co.zm https://www.zamace.co.zm, https://www.zamace.co.zm
Parliament/National Assembly of ZambiaParliament/National Assembly of ZambiaP.O. Box 31299,LusakaZambia. Tel:(+260) 211 292425-36 Email:info@parliament.gov.zm      http://www.parliament.gov.zm, http://www.parliament.gov.zm
Law Association of ZambiaLaw Association of ZambiaNo. 1 Lagos Road, Next to Old Cemetery Rhodespark P.O. Box 35271 Lusaka. Tel:(+260)-21 1-254401/252168 Email: info@laz.org.zmhttp://www.laz.org.zm, http://www.laz.org.zm
Competition & Consumer Protection CommissionCompetition & Consumer Protection CommissionMain Post Office Building Lusaka Zambia Tel:(+260) 211 222 775 Email:zcomp@ccpc.org.zm https://www.ccpc.org.zm, https://www.ccpc.org.zm
Lusaka stock exchange (LUSE) Lusaka stock exchange (LUSE) P.O Box 34523, Lusaka - Zambia Tel: (+ 260) 211 228391 Email:info@luse.co.zm http://www.luse.co.zm, http://www.luse.co.zm
Zambia Farmers Union/ Poultry Association of ZambiaZambia Farmers Union/ Poultry Association of ZambiaP.O. BOX 30395 Lusaka, Zambia Tel:(+260) 211 252649 http://www.znfu.org.zm/, http://www.znfu.org.zm/
Zambia information and communication technology authority Zambia information and communication technology authority P.O. Box 36871 Tel:(+260)211378200 Email:info@zicta.zm https://www.zicta.zm/, https://www.zicta.zm/
Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA)Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA)Haile Selassie Avenue, Longacres,Lusaka Zambia Tel:(+260) 211 255151 Email:pro@pacra.org.zm https://www.pacra.org.zm/, https://www.pacra.org.zm/
Zambia Public Procurement Authority Zambia Public Procurement Authority Off Alick Nkhata Road, Tel:(+260) 211 377400 Email:info@ppa.org.zm https://www.zppa.org.zm/, https://www.zppa.org.zm/

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